Intuition Ale Works



Ben Davis


Ben Davis is a Jacksonville native who has always felt a drive to give back to his hometown and help move our city forward. 

Ben founded Intuition Ale Works in 2010. Since its opening, Intuition has become the fastest growing brand of craft beer in Northeast Florida. 

Davis is an Eagle Scout from Troop 2 at St. John’s Presbyterian, a graduate of Episcopal High School and the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago. 

An avid drummer, Ben can be found afterhours at The Beat Lab, combining  influences from Neil Peart, Danny Carey, and Mickey Dolenz. He hosts a weekly D&D, and his half-drough paladin is renowned in his mission to rid the Underdark of the spider demon queen Lolth.

Brad Lange

Chief Operating Officer

Brad joined Intuition in 2017 after years of drinking People’s Pale Ale and I-10. Previously, he managed a marketing team at a Global 500 company and, before that, worked at the U.S. State Department.  
A native of Neptune Beach, Brad is a graduate of Stanton College Prep, the University of Florida, Emory University, and Georgetown University. 
He is proud of the Bier Hall’s growth in recent years, especially the fact that so many of his favorite artists played their first-ever show in Jacksonville there, including Mdou Moctar, Kevin Morby, Fruit Bats, and Mountain Goats. 
In his spare time, he can be found at Huguenot Park, adding to his guitar collection, or traveling the country to see Wilco play. He lives in Avondale with his wife and daughter. They are long-time supporters of Chelsea FC. 

Lindsay Hawkins

General Manager

A reformed elementary school teacher, Lindsay wears many hats at Intuition Ale Works and enjoys being a part of the company’s growth. She started as a beertender on Intuition’s opening day and has been hooked on the industry ever since. You can find her handling day-to-day operations and shenanigans. 

She is proud of launching The Bier Hall event and concert space, summiting (summoning?) the astral plane, and rage cleaning. 

Outside of work, Lindsay’s favorite thing is attending bluegrass festivals all over the country. She travels with her husband and kids, and often with her amazing parents and kickass brothers.

Marion Gooding

Director of Brewery Operations

Marion is grateful for the opportunity to lead a world class production team at Intuition.
Marion is a Jacksonville native who began his passion for craft beer as a competitive homebrewer and beer judge before making his foray into the professional beer world. He returned to Jacksonville to join IAW in 2021, after filling the roles of Director of Operations and Head Brewer for Dead Armadillo Brewing in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
He loves spending time with his wife and three kids. A karoke afficionado and pinball enthusiast, Marion’s hobbies include travel, playing music, reading, camping, backpacking, and cooking. 

Andrew Cattell

Head Brewer

Andrew’s first forays into brewing were as a home brewer. He brewed his first batch of beer just before heading off to college at Florida State University, where he earned his master’s degree in social work. Shortly thereafter, he embarked on a lengthy road trip, where he immersed himself in craft beer culture. He landed in Atlanta, where he acquired a position as assistant brewer at a busy brew pub in the growing Atlanta beer scene. Three years later, he set his sights on returning to Florida just as Intuition Ale Works was launching. 

He brews for the love of the craft and the satisfaction of seeing IAW patrons partake in one of civilization’s oldest rituals – relaxing and socializing over beer.

Andrew enjoys nature, reading, cooking, and relaxing with the hi-fi.

Daniel Courts

Director of Sales

Daniel worked in the wine and spirits industry in both distribution and retail for a decade prior to joining Intuition Ale Works. He has traveled around the world in the pursuit of developing and perfecting his palate. Daniel’s favorite part of the job is helping new consumers of craft find a beer that they like.

Daniel is a fun-loving, incredibly competitive personality who grew up in Gainesville, Florida. Daniel is a proud father of a daughter who inherited his competitive nature, competing in USAG gymnastics and a national dance team in Jacksonville.

Melissa White

Events Manager

Melissa organizes and manages events for Intuition’s entertainment and hosting spaces, as well as interfacing with guests to help them creatively maximize their experiences.
In addition to her expertise in events, Melissa is also a Cicerone certified beer server. She brings to Intuition her love of beer and experience as the Executive Director of the Florida Brewer’s Guild, where she served from 2014-2017.
When she’s not crafting exceptional brewery events, Melissa enjoys world travel, wine, and gardening.

Pete Henry

Packaging Director

A longtime member of the Intuition Team, Pete is an expert in making sure our beers make it into cans and kegs for public enjoyment. He also enjoys the title of Assistant to the Semi-Automatic Depalletizer.

Pete enjoys disc golf in his spare time, time with friends and family, and  crafting ambient musical multitrack think pieces in his garage.

His musical influences include Kurt Vile, Courtney Barnett, Pixies, Tom Petty, Yo La Tengo, Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Pavement, Wilco, and Ween.

Keith Baker

Lab Director

A Mississippi native, Keith always felt the warm pull of the state of Florida, and is proud to head up the laboratory and advanced scientific studies program at Intuition.

A plumber by former trade, he is always up for nitty gritty details that make the brewery purr. He specializes in hands-on work and performing complicated maneuvers in the lab.

Affectionately known as The Pontchartrain Playboy, he enjoys long walks on the beach, caring for small animals, and getting caught in the rain.

He also applies his art to an exceptional jambalaya. It’s all about the right ingredients, a gentle hand, and knowing when to add a touch of spice.

Matt Crossland


Matt has been brewing Intuition beer since 2012, when he decided to trade being a regular barfly for being a regular bad ass.

In addition to being the resident curmudgeon, he also manages inventory and maintains a soft spot for Gizmo, the brewery cat.

His favorite music is Johnny Cash, and his favorite Intuition beers include Shotgun Shack, Civic Pride, and Tiki Pale Ale.

He supports Arsenal F.C.

“Victoria Concordia Crescit” – Victory comes from harmony.

Glenn Dean

Brewer / Head of R&D / Beertender / IT Director

Glenn started working at Intuition in August 2016 with the opening of Bay Street location. 

His influences include Outkast & Sons, Budweiser, Hamm’s and Old Style. #malort

When he’s not brewing suds, he can be found wandering the streets, singing aloud to the tunes of Outkast & Sons.

He will never forget his Augsburg, Germany girlfriend and son. #loveyabooboo

His hobbies include obstacle course racing, running, and frolf. #ripsteinmart

Glenn is a graduate of Siebel Institute of Technology and Doemens World Brewing Academy.

Brad Hunt

Cellar Manager

Mr. Hunt joined Intuition on St. Patrick’s Day of 2016 and quickly ascended ranks to become head of the Cellar Department. His responsibilities include tank and equipment cleaning and maintenance, liquid transfers, and oversight of cellar operational procedures.

His eclectic approach to functional work attire is a vanguard of progressive couture.

He claims never to have lost a game of ping pong on brewery soil. His other hobbies include skating, kickball, foursquare, disc golf, and riding bikes. He also boasts a modest Slinky collection.

Originally hailing from Chicago, Brad has a degree from UNF, and supports the Cubs, Jaguars, and Knights. His favorite band is Rush, and his top Intuition Beer is Easy on the Eyes.

Nick Jones


Nick joined Intuition when the Bay Street location opened in 2016. His knowledge of world beer styles coupled with an appreciation for brewing techniques and innovations make him the ultimate beertending sherpa for both the most and least experienced guests.

In addition to his enthusiasm for craft beverages, he also has a passion for leisure and the silence which serves as the foundation for creativity. He can often be spotted strolling the streets of Avondale in contemplation.

Sergio Caraballo


What is your favorite Intuition beer? Snake in the Grass

When did you start at Intuition? May of 2018

What is your favorite thing about working here? My favorite thing about working at Intuition is the people I’ve met along the way, both on the staff and guests in the taproom. Also being at the nexus of beer culture in the city.

Who is your favorite band? Outkast

Where is your hometown? Rota, Spain

What is something about you that people don’t know? I’m a history nerd.

What is your favorite sports team? Jaguars

Brandon Edgar

Lab specialist

What is your favorite Intuition beer? Easy on the Eyes

When did you start at Intuition? March of 2019

What is your favorite thing about working here? The welcoming atmosphere and great people around this company.

Where is your hometown? Jacksonville, FL!

What is your favorite place to go in Jacksonville? Riverside and the Beaches

Did you go to college? University of North Florida

What is your favorite sports team? Jaguars

Axel Scharf

Packaging Technician

Hailing from Merseburg/Saale in Germany, Axel is Intuition’s resident old-world beer critic and expert Packaging Technician.

With the team since 2019, Axel has a penchant for geography, David Hasselhoff, and keeping stray cats around the building.

When he’s not at Intuition, he enjoys spending time with his wife, two dogs, and obese home cat.

He’s a fan of Borussia Dortmund, The Fugees, The Supremes, and Die Artze.

Despite his forklift certification, he is self-proclaimed as a mediocre driver.

Joe Morris

Head Chef

Joe directs the kitchen, crafts new culinary creations, and manages the menu for Intuition. He loves the team spirit, creative freedom, and working alongside his dad.

He credits his parents for instilling a love of cooking in him from a young age.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys backpacking treks, cooking, and horticulture. His favorite beer is Blue Streak. He enjoys listening to folk punk music.

Pops Morris

Line Cook

Born in Claxton, GA, Pops is an indespensible member of the Intuition Kitchen.

A father of six, his children are the proudest part of his legacy. 

He once worked at the Old Pier, where had the honor of serving such cultural luminaries as Fred Durst.

He loves cooking a good seafood boil, drinking Jon Boat, and tending his rose garden.

He once lost a Cadillac on the state line. Ask him how!

Michael Carpenter

Sous Chef

Michael has worked at Intuition since 2021. Hired partially because of his winning smile, he has since proven to contribute an essential role to the kitchen.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports, especially basketball, and enjoying an eclectic assortment of music.

Though he spends his time at Intuition focused on producing culinary delights found on our menu, he loves to craft a good mixed berry cobbler. 

His favorite things about working at Intuition are the laid-back atmosphere and the high attention to quality that he shares with his coworkers.

Brad Higgins

Beertender / Assistant Manager

Brad likes to party, and enjoys spending time with The Dark Lord. His favorite bands include Mastodon and Black Sabbath.

His hobbies include woodworking and silversmithing. He enjoys time off with his girlfriend, and two step-cats named Mini and Godrich.

Other interests include a good high five, skateboarding, playing guitar, and The Shining.

His favorite Intuition beers include King Street Stout, Party Wave, and Hush Money. The beer, not the payouts for keeping quiet. Though those are good, too. 

Christa Whorton


Christa has been beertending at Intuition since 2021.

An outdoor enthusiast, she enjoys going to National Parks, swimming at the beach or pool, and hiking.

She appreciates every kind of music.

When she’s not at the brewery, she enjoys spending time with her Australian cattle dog named Tucker.

In addition to counseling guests on which tap to sample, Christa is also a licensed mental health therapist.

Her favorite Intuition beers include Honey Badger and Devil in the Details.


Derrick Scott


What is your favorite Intuition beer? Cocoa Caliente

When did you start at Intuition? Officially? November of 2014.

What is your favorite thing about working here? My co-workers

Where is your hometown? Jacksonville

Do you have any hobbies? Does Twitter count?

What is something about you that people don’t know? I hate mayo.

Did you go to college? University of North Florida

Amelia Gallagher


Angel Garcia


Stephen Einfeld